Foster cultural awareness by introducing your kids to Ramadan.

Teaching kids about Ramadan is a great way to increase their awareness and understanding of another culture.

Learn more about the Muslim holiday of Ramadan and the traditions that are celebrated during this month long celebration.

What is Ramadan?

Traditional dishes eaten during Ramadan.


Break the Ramadan fast with lentil soup

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar during which Muslims fast and discover patience, humility, and spirituality.

Treat your dad to a special treat on Father's Day by creating a family tradition that celebrates him and his adventures through the year.

Crafting a Father’s Day tradition is difficult, typically a tradition is something that’s established over time and it’s hard to preplan a tradition, but with careful planning and preparation you c

Create a new family tradition on Father's Day that celebrates your family heritage with these great Father's Day ideas.

Too often today people lose track of their heritage and where they come from. Families are spread across the globe and get togethers aren’t as common as they once were.

We've organized an amazing Father's Day focused on two things dads like best: sports and good food. Choose from our hand-picked ideas, and tailor the day to your dad's tastes.

Plan a day of fun activities to enjoy with Dad this Father's Day!