Shopping and Gifts

Printed Christmas candles make a beautiful hostess gift.

Printed Christmas candles are a beautiful and thoughtful hostess gift. This DIY printed Christmas candle is a great way to make a personalized hostess gift your hostess will cherish.

Finally a Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide for Women that features the perfect gift ideas for every woman on your list.

We all have at least one woman on our list that is just impossible to shop for. Well, we've got your girl covered!

Beautiful homemade scented sachets are an ideal stocking stuffer.

If someone on your Christmas list likes scented sachets like I love them, I have a great homemade stocking stuffer idea for you.

Beautiful handmade winter mint lip balm makes a great stocking stuffer


Homemade vanilla is a thoughtful DIY gift for the girl who loves to bake.

Homemade vanilla extract makes a wonderful hostess gift for a holiday party. The recipient will be so impressed that you took the time to make homemade vanilla extract.

This beautiful, fragrant candy cane sugar scrub is a great hostess gift.

If you’re going to a Christmas party this year,  don't show up empty handed. This beautiful candy cane sugar scrub is a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer.

This decadent caramel sauce is an ideal homemade gift for the holidays.

I was looking for a unique hostess gift for a special New Year’s Eve party I was attending, when I stumbled upon an incredible idea on the Martha Stewart website: a delicious homemade caramel bourb