Kids and Crafts

This beautiful DIY stationery craft uses fresh Spring flowers.

There is nothing sweeter than receiving a handwritten letter or thank you note on beautiful stationery.

These mini baskets are perfect for little hands and small Easter treats.

This tiny Easter basket craft is such a creative way to repurpose egg cartons and make something lovely for Easter.

Paper carrots filled with Easter treats are great for gift-giving.

Paper carrots filled with irresistible chocolatey treats is one of my favorite Easter crafts. They're very imaginative, yet they only require a few simple materials.

Recycle your empty egg cartons into cute Easter critters.

Don’t toss your egg cartons! Recycle them into cute egg carton chicks for Easter.

Turn tasty Peeps treats into a topiary centerpiece that will be an Easter showstopper.

Easter peeps – delicious. Peeps turned into works of art – genius.  Peeps turned into an Easter centerpiece – possibly the best idea ever.


Don't get stuck in a pastel rut! Give these classy Easter eggs a try.

I love pastels, probably more than the average person, but these black and white Easter eggs are really classy and eye catching.

Fill these easy-to-make bunny bags with Easter candy and treats for guests and kids.

These Easter bunny bags are so, so cute that you’ll want to give them to everyone you know, filled with Easter treats.