Kids and Crafts

Celebrate May 5th with some festive nails decorated just for the holiday.

Looking for a festive way to get in the Cinco de Mayo spirit? Give these decorative nail ideas a try.


If you need a fun craft for a Mexican-themed celebration, Kleenex box pinatas are the perfect solution!

Who doesn’t love a piñata? They’re one of the best part of Mexican-themed parties, and Cinco de Mayo is just begging for a piñata isn’t it?

Learn about the Mexican flag and make a fun party decoration with this kid-friendly Cinco de Mayo craft.

This craft is a fun one for kids and a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Make a bunch and use them at your Cinco de Mayo party.

Don't put away the plastic Easter eggs yet! Use them to make fun Cinco de Mayo maracas.

Do you ever find those plastic Easter eggs lying around you house in May, way after Easter? Well, you can still put them to good use.

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a homemade treat-filled piñata!

Big kids will love getting creative with this paper mache craft.

Make some Cinco de Mayo music with fun instruments made from juice boxes.

A maraca is a Latin-American instrument very similar to a large rattle. Create these fun and festive maracas from juice boxes, something you probably already have in your house.

Craft your own cactus out of a cucumber and toothpicks for your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

This little craft is easy for anyone to make and is a fun kid’s activity for Cinco de Mayo. This veggie cactus makes a cute little decoration or a centerpiece for your table.