Kids and Crafts

Learn about this holy month while creating fun, kid-friendly projects.

This year, teach children about the holy month of Ramadan with these fun craft projects.

Teach your child about Ramadan by making and playing your very own Ramadan themed memory game.


Teach your children about the Ramadan holiday with crafts geared to celebrate their religion.

Ramadan is a time for fasting for Muslims, it’s meant to draw them closer to God or Allah, teach patience, spirituality and humility.

This educational and fun lunar project is perfect for a Ramadan celebration.

Ramadan is a lunar celebration so it begins and ends with the new moon.

Printable gift tags make a quick and cute Father's Day gift for the golf, movie, or sports-loving dad.


This cute craft makes the perfect accessory for a special dinner or BBQ for your Dad.

If your dad is anything like mine, he’s pretty hard to buy Father’s Day gifts for. One thing you can be sure of though -- my dad likes to eat! I'm sure your Dad does, too.

3 places to find free Father's Day printables.

If you’re searching for Father’s Day decorations and printables for your celebration, look no further.