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These fresh flavors pair perfectly with a frosty margarita.

Ah ceviche, one of the best dishes ever invented, if you ask me. Cinco de Mayo seems like the perfect time for it.

Cupcakes that are worthy of the best cupcake shops, yet they come from a box and are spiked with alcohol.

Simple margarita cupcakes made with alcohol and a boxed cake mix. Yep! Sign me up.

Delicious cheese and pesto flauta appetizers for your Cinco de Mayo party.

Martha Stewart has done it again with another scrumptious appetizer recipe and this one will definitely be a hit at your Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

Make a Cinco de Mayo taste treat that is simply buzzing with excitement, Margarita Jell-O shots.

This Jell-O shot recipe is one I’m just dying to try, and Cinco de Mayo seems like the perfect opportunity. Although, I’m pretty sure this would be good any time!

Make a margarita better by turning it into a Jell-o shot stuffed inside a strawberry.

Stuffed-fruit recipes have become super popular lately, but this is probably one of my favorites. What a clever little way to serve a shot.

Not only are these Cinco de Mayo pinata cookies super cute, there's a surprise inside!

These are the best cookies I’ve stumbled across in a very long time. They remind me of the chocolate Easter bunnies filled with jelly beans that I used to get years and years ago.

These individual dips make an ideal Cinco de Mayo appetizer.

Who doesn’t love 7 layer dip? It’s layers and layers of zesty, creamy goodness!