Beautiful DIY garland with fresh bay leaves.

Christmas is almost upon us so it’s a great time to start working on your DIY projects.

The food, lights, people and decorations that are in abundance during the holidays could pose a health risk to your pets.

No matter the holiday, there are special considerations if you’re a dog or cat owner.

15 Unique ideas for a beautiful DIY holiday centerpiece.

15 of our favorite, unique ideas for a beautiful DIY holiday centerpiece.

Christmas hat topiaries that not only make a great centerpiece but also make a fun candy dish for your work desk.

Whimsical Christmas table decoration – Check. Easy to make and in expensive – Check. Appropriate for guests of any age – Check.

Christmas centerpieces don't have to be expensive, this cheap candy cane holiday centerpiece is the perfect fit for someone on a budget.

2329 Candy Cane Centerpiece

Handmade looking knit candle centerpiece that only requires some skill with a pair of scissors.

There’s nothing better than a toasty knit treat during the cold holiday months. These knit candleholder cuffs are right up my alley because I’m an obsessive knitter and simplicity says so much.